Square Material Case(For Steel Barrel)

For Steel Barrel


Case Details


Client: Oil factory, pigment factory

Goods: All kinds of goods in drum(bucket)

Picking way: Forklift, pallet

We will recommend customers to use pallet racking system and mezzanine floor for this kind of items.

Solution 1: Pallet racking system

The length and width of the selective rack will be determined according to the customer's existing pallet size. At height, we do not recommend more than 3 floors, because the more the number of floors, the higher the

requirements for forklifts and forklift operators. At the same time, it also involves safety issues.

If there are non-barreled goods, for example, boxed and bagged goods, you can consider placing them above the third floor. Just like the case in our picture, barrels(drums) are placed below the third floor, and other goods are placed on the fourth and fifth floors.

This design is convenient for customers to store more other packaged goods in the future.

Solution 2: Mezzanine floor

If you choose to use the attic floor system, the goods are placed directly in the attic.

Based on the size and weight of each pallet, we will calculate the load bearing of the floor, the location of the warehouse to install the guardrail, and the loading tool to choose whether to design the sliding door at the guardrail or the elevator next to the stairs.

Although the number of pallets in the attic is not as large as the box beam racking, it can also make full use of the space above and below.