Manual Handing Material Case

For Carton/Box


Case Details



Goods: small and light goods packed in boxes

Picking method: manual storage and retrieval

The integrated shelf is supported by the shelf, with a two-layer or multi-layer structure, and a hybrid shelf with pedestrian aisles.

It is suitable for scenes with large inventory, small items, light weight and manual picking. Generally, goods are transported to the corresponding floor by manual handling or elevator. Not suitable for pallet and forklift operation.

The height of our customer's warehouse is 8300-9000MM, and the shelf height is nearly 8000mm. The entire shelf system is divided into three layers: bottom, second and third. Each floor is equipped with pedestrian stairs and passages. The elevator can carry goods directly to the third floor. The entire racking system occupies a total area of some square meters, and the inventory is as high as some quantity.