Heavy Duty Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Rack

Short Description:

Mezzanine Platform Rack Advantages:
1. Individual solution should be meet special requirement;
2. High space utilization of warehouse storage shelf rack;
3. Manual operation usually;
4. Quick, clean and easy to install;

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  Product information of Heavy Duty Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Rack:

The Heavy Duty Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Rack is a simple shelf which makes full use of the upper space of the warehouse. Build an intermediate loft on the existing shelf or site to increase the storage area. In general, light foam and small and medium-sized goods or goods with a long shelf life can be placed on attic shelves. Goods can be picked up by forklifts, conveyor belts, elevators, electric hoists or lifting platforms. The following is to introduce the structural performance and installation method of attic shelves.

Heavy Duty Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Rack

Performance of Heavy Duty Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Rack:

1. The overall structure of the attic shelf is assembled type, without on-site welding, the whole is beautiful and generous. Compared with the concrete structure or steel structure, because the ground floor shelf itself plays a supporting role of the upper floor, it has the advantages of low cost and high space utilization.

2, the attic shelf panel has plate, pattern steel plate, punching steel plate and other varieties to adapt to fire, ventilation, lighting and so on different use requirements. Forklift truck, hydraulic lifting platform, freight elevator and so on can be selected for the upper and lower floors of goods. Transport of goods in one layer is usually done with small trolleys.

Heavy Duty Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Rack

Features and Advantages of Heavy Duty Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Rack:
1. You can get additional space without costing the expensive building extensions or costly moving.
2. Quick and easy to install. You can also remove and rebuild it when you move the warehouse. It is easy reusable at another location.
3. Ideal for storing varity kinds of goods on the multi tier mezzanines

Customized Mezzanine Platform Rack

Company Information:

For over 20 years Maobang storage equipment has been supplying material handling and storage products to the company all ver the world. We are one of the largest original equipment manufacturers in China Guangzhou.

Our products include pallet racks, wire decks, industrial shelving and warehouse equipment.  We specialize in steel storage racks, metal pallets and all kinds of warehouse storage equipment.


1. We have a wide range of product category for you to choose, Customized products ar available. We can offer you all kinds of warehouse storage equipment.
2. We have CE certification. Our products are texted many times before packing.
3. We use thicker steel and high powder coating quality. The thickness of powder is 80-100 um. It would protect the material from getting rust.
4. We will provide you installation drawings and video instruction for free.
5. Annual production capacity:30000 sets of shelves
We offer OEM/ODM service with our own strong innovation ability.





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  • 1. Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

    A: We are factory which is established in 1998 with more than 300 workers.

    2. Q: Where is your factory located?

    A: Our factory is located in Guangzhou, a city near Baiyun International Airport.

    3. Q: What is your delivery time?

    A: For standard size models, we have plenty of material in stock, less than 500pcs, 3-7 day is ok;

    For customized models, the delivery date depends on the quantity. In generally, it is 7-15 days. We can finish production in 15 days under 332 CBM, 9 containers.

    4. Q: What is the term of payment?

    A: 40% of deposit , and balance will be cleared by T/T before delivery.

    5. Q: What is the trade term?

    A: In generally, we will use EXW or FOB. Other terms can be negotiated.

    6. Q: Do you have minimum order quantity limitation?

    A: We don’t have MOQ limitation. But if you don’t have other goods to share the container and the quantity is less than 10pcs, we would sincerely recommend you buy at the local market. Because the international freight will be expensive.

    7. Q: Are samples available?

    A: Yes, samples are available at any time. But due to the big size, we would like to suggest you to check some raw material if you just want to check the quality. And we can offer you the raw material in free, you just need to be response for the freight.

    If you have container needs to be shipped together recently, then you can buy any quantity you want.

    8.Q: What if you encounter problems during installation?

    A: We will provide detailed install instruction for every type of shelf. If needed, we can also ask engineers to teach you by phone, face-time or video.

    9. Q: Could you produce the goods in OEM and ODM design?

    A: Sure, we have very rich experience in customizing shelves.

    10. Q: What are main rack and add on rack?

    A: The difference between these two kinds of racks is upright. Main rack is the start rack with 2 uprights and add on rack is the continue rack with only 1 upright.

    11. Q: What is your packing?

      A: Generally, storage rack are flat packed by air bubble film. Other packing like wooden box are available to clients’ requirement.

    12. Q: What if we can’t install it or we don’t have installers?

    A: For the racking mezzanine floor case or big project, if needed, we can offer our technical staff to guide the installation job. Moreover, we have professional installation team to deal with the installation work. So, please do not worry about that.

    13. Q: What is the warranty?

    A: From 3 years to 5 years.

    14. Q: Can we pay by Credit card or Alibaba platform?

    A: Yes, you can. And TT is welcome.

    15. Q: which loading port is close to you?

    A: Nansha or Huangpu. They are in Guangzhou. If your forwarder is in Foshan or Shenzhen, we can deliver them to their warehouse too.

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